About the NVC Marketplace

The NVC Marketplace is a venue for Nonviolent Communication trainers to share their work sustainably and easily. The NVC Marketplace is operated by the NVC Academy.

If you have NVC compatible products you'd like to broadly distribute, consider joining the NVC marketplace as a vendor.

The NVC Marketplace accepts these products:

  1. The work of CNVC Certified Trainers, both present and past, is welcome.
  2. Trainer certification candidate's work is also allowed.
  3. Other NVC enthusiasts' training materials are welcome.
  4. Other NVC related products such as jewelry, apparel, games and cards are perfect for the MVC Marketplace.
  5. Non-NVC specific work that is in harmony with principles of compassion, nonviolence and mutuality are also welcome.

Requirements for your training materials:

  1. Materials represented as "Nonviolent Communication" will follow the guidelines set forth by the Center for Nonviolent Communication.
  2. Work that deviates from Nonviolent Communication as originally shared by Marshall Rosenberg will be noted as such.