Calling Love In

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Calling Love In

Trainer(s): Mary Mackenzie
Media Format: Audio Download
Duration: 8 hours 47 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 29
Production Date: 02/2012

$27.00 USD

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Do you want a deeper experience of love in your life?
Do you get stuck thinking that love has to look a certain way?
Do you spend time wishing other people were more loving?

Listen to these 29 daily meditations to focus on being and extending love. Too often, we turn to others to take the first step or to meet our need for love, and we forget that in every moment we can choose to create love. Developing your ability to remember this is empowering and liberating!

Please join Mary Mackenzie in this radical approach toward creating life experiences that support your desire for love. Uncover what prevents you from extending love, and empower yourself to change your experience of love.

This telecourse meditation program is an in-depth, daily and intense experiential focus on love. Mary’s hope is that through this simple format you will uncover what prevents you from readily extending and being love, and to clarify concrete steps for moving beyond those barriers. Prior NVC experience will support you but is not required to participate. 

Course Components:

  • First session includes a brief guided mediation to help you create your personal commitment statement for supporting your need for love
  • All remaining sessions begin with a short meditation on love, reading of commitment statements aloud and brief discussion