Street NVC: Bringing Your NVC Practice into Everyday Life!

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Street NVC: Bringing Your NVC Practice into Everyday Life!

Trainer(s): Dian Killian
Media Format: Audio Download
Duration: 2 Hours 23 Minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 4
Production Date: 04/2012

$15.00 USD


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Are you familiar with the NVC model or been practicing for a while and still get “stuck” when you want to use it? Or, maybe it just doesn’t sound natural sometimes? Or, sound like you at all?

In this four-part telecourse recording, learn how to easily step into the mindset of NVC practice--the spirit of connection and collaboration--that will support you in authentically connecting with others. Integrating this spirit of NVC, you will then learn some “insider tips” that can help you make your NVC practice truly your own, including how to more easily guess feelings and needs and how to make your NVC practice match the language, sound and flow of your everyday speech. 

The recording will help you:

  • Engage in experiential exercises that support you in fully listening and being present to others and yourself
  • Learn how to de-mystify empathy guessing (through semantic-based de-coding of judgments to feelings and needs)
  • Practice shifting the “classical” NVC model to everyday speech
  • Find ways to “match” the energy and pace of those you’re communicating with to make your NVC practice more natural, flowing and connecting


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