Art and Science of Happiness

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Art and Science of Happiness

Trainer(s): Jim and Jori Manske
Media Format: Audio Download
Duration: 3 Hours 51 Minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 4
Production Date: 06/2012

$24.00 USD

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What is it that enables us to thrive?  How is it that some people are generally happier than others?  How can we influence our capacity to live a meaningful and fulfilling life?
Join Jim and Jori Manske in this telecourse recording on the intersection of NVC and cutting-edge Positive Psychology, the science of human thriving.  Research has identified 5 elements of flourishing and resilience:  Relationship, Engagement, Meaning, Achievement and Positive emotion (REMAP).
This telecourse recording includes these elements in practices to increase your natural capacity for happiness:  
  • Weekly lessons with practice opportunities grounded in skill development
  • Self-assessment using the Matrix to identify and use your strengths to increase learning
  • Awareness exercises to guide your experience from the inside out each week
  • Peer groups and diads for focused personal integration
  • Weekly take home practices offered for enhancing integration of the weekly skills
  • Optional empathy/practice buddies
Listening to this recording will help you:
  • cultivate habits that support purpose, well-being, belonging and fulfillment
  • bring more presence and flow into your life
  • experience the joy of engaging activities that utilize your strengths more fully
  • experience an increased quality of life


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