Navigating Conflict

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Navigating Conflict

Trainer(s): Jim and Jori Manske
Media Format: Audio Download
Duration: 6 Hours 2 Minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 6
Production Date: 09/2011

$35.00 USD


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Join veteran Mediators and Facilitators Jori and Jim Manske in using Nonviolent Communication and mediation skills for transforming conflict into connection and creativity for yourself and others. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to contribute to mutual co-operation and effectiveness with adults and children, including with family, in business or with friends.


Learn through experience, integrating the awareness and skills to guide you in becoming present during conflict in ways that contribute to wellbeing. Opportunities for learning and practice will include lessons covering the essential elements needed to weave connection during conflict situations. There will be extensive coaching and feedback offered.

Learn techniques for:
  • Focusing on Layers of Empathy to support yourself and others in being compassionate with self and others, while recognizing that each is responsible for their own experience.

  • Using requests to facilitate dialogue during disputes so that everyone's experience and values are expressed and acknowledged.

  • Balancing patience and persistence when emotions of others are intense and there is a lack of resources to listen.

  • Identifying and using needs as a guideline to craft next steps in addressing the cause of the conflict.

  • Measuring if strategies identified together work for everyone.


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