Circle Meeting Facilitation for NVC Practitioners

Circle Meeting Facilitation for NVC Practitioners

Trainer(s): G. Rouillard, J. Koch Gonzalez, J. Buck
Media Format: Audio Download
Duration: 5:57 hours:minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 6
Production Date: 8/30/2010
Language: English

$35.00 USD


Learn to facilitate effective and efficient meetings that:

  • nurture connection, equivalence and mutuality
  • produce decisions everyone can live with
  • leave participants feeling energized and excited

Listen to a sample audio snippet.


How do you feel about your business meetings?

Do you ever feel frustrated about making decisions and getting things done, and long for a way to work together in connection AND achieve effective outcomes?

You are invited to join John Buck, Greg Rouillard, and CNVC Certified Trainer Jerry Koch-Gonzalez for this six session tlecourse recording to learn how to transform your method of meeting facilitation.

Circle meetings are one component of an integrated governance method known as the Sociocratic Circle-Organization Method or Sociocracy (also known as Dynamic Governance). Many NVC organizations have begun using sociocratic tools, including circle meetings and decision making by consent, with satisfying results.

This highly interactive class begins with a basic grounding in sociocratic organization, contains a strong focus on specific skills for facilitating circle meetings and consent decision making, and concludes with some ideas for implementing sociocratic tools in your group or organization. Prior experience with sociocratic organization or consent decision-making is not required.

This telecourse recording will help you will learn and practice the following skills for effective meeting facilitation:

  • Setting the stage for an effective meeting through careful preparation
  • Creating ease for all participants by maintaining precise awareness of the stages of the meeting and steps in the decision making process
  • Responding to facilitation challenges 'in the moment' with clarity, competence, and compassion
  • Balancing chaos and order to produce creative results with full participation
  • Selecting people for tasks and positions with mutuality, joy, and ease
  • Measuring meeting results to improve the quality of future meetings

Session Topics:

  • Session 1 - NVC, Organizational Structure, and Leadership
  • Session 2 - Circle meetings and double-linking
  • Session 3 - Facilitation formats
  • Session 4 - Facilitating elections
  • Session 5 - Proposals
  • Session 6 - Applying the concepts to your practice group, your office, your family

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