Developing NVC Consciousness in Practice Groups

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Developing NVC Consciousness in Practice Groups

Trainer(s): Linnaea Marvell
Media Format: Audio Download
Duration: 7 hours 5 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 6
Production Date: 4/21/2011
Language: English

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Are your interactions with your practice group members sometimes painful?

Is your practice group getting stagnant or stuck?

Would you like to start a practice group but have no idea what to do?

Listen to a sample audio snippet.

Linnaea Marvell’s faithful embodiment of the NVC consciousness and her insightful and practical style makes the NVC consciousness and concepts easily accessible. She brings many years of experience forming and facilitating practice groups.

Session Topics:

  • Session 1: Keep your practice group lively and fun
  • Session 2: Why the consciousness matters and how to include it in the practice
  • Session 3: What to do with the story that goes on and on and on
  • Session 4: What to do with the person who never seems to shift
  • Session 5: What to do with mutual stimulation
  • Session 6: How to energize a stagnant practice group

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