Self Empathy for Self Evolution

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Self Empathy for Self Evolution

Trainer(s): Kelly Bryson
Media Format: Audio Download
Duration: 6 hours 35 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 6
Production Date: 02/23/2011
Language: English

$30.00 USD


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Kelly brings 25 years of NVC training and deep spiritual work from many practices to support you in learning about:

  • Becoming “Trigger Happy” (Happy for the healing and evolution empathy creates when we are triggered)
  • Using Empathy to create the inner connection, from which flows the outer direction of your life
  • Empathy beyond the empty, lacking, absence of unmet needs and into the powerful, passionate, presence of the desire!
  • Empathy for getting beyond the Fear and back to Here. (The Present Now)
  • Making The Decision to trust in trust. (From the book The Decision by D. Duhm)
  • Using Self Empathy to stop Pasturizing and Futurizing.
  • Empathy to Transform inertia into “flow”
  • Remembering our energetic essence.
  • Empathy to Eliminate (or at least significantly reduce) ‘the fear of abandonment’
  • Empathy for taming Comparison Jackals (that say you are less than others, worthless, not enough, undeserving)
  • Meditation (From Kelly’s years of study w/Indian Master)
  • ReSourcing your connection to Source Energy
  • Creating inner recreation, to feed outer creation
  • Choosing Gratitude as a consistent State of Being, instead of a reaction to certain circumstances.
  • Finding balance and clarity between “wallowing in your stuff” and “owning your stuff”
  • Using Empathy for Decreasing Codependency

Grow from the inside out with Kelly Bryson!

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