What Would Be Possible If I Loved Myself?

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What Would Be Possible If I Loved Myself?

Trainer(s): Kathleen Macferran
Media Format: Audio Download
Duration: 2 hours 43 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 3
Production Date: 05/06/2014
Language: English

$15.00 USD


If you’re ready to take a stand against that inner critic – if you would like to reclaim your self-worth, experience greater freedom when expressing your self and actually celebrate who you are in the world, then this course is exactly what you’re looking for.

Join Kathleen for a gentle, compassionate exploration and embracing of your true self. Together, you’ll delve into what self-love is and is not – including how to distinguish self-worth from negative cultural labels such as self-obsession and selfishness.

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With Kathleen’s gentle, abiding presence always at your right hand, you’ll:

  • Learn to have empathy for your harsh inner critic
  • Scrutinize the core beliefs that get in the way of loving yourself
  • Discover and awaken your Inner Beloved
  • Master healing self-love practices, and
  • Gradually begin to take responsibility for loving yourself!

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