Cooperating with the Life Principle: Living the Heart of Life Unfolding

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Cooperating with the Life Principle: Living the Heart of Life Unfolding

Trainer(s): Robert Gonzales
Media Format: MP4 Video
Duration: 5 hours 28 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 8
Production Date: 11/19/2014

$75.00 USD


If you're interested in learning specifically how and what YOU can do to live compassionately – with plenty of hands-on practice time – this course recording is for you.

Watch the first session right now in it's entirety!

You'll enjoy:

  • Actual demonstrations of Robert guiding participants through the transformational territory of healing and integration;
  • Learning by example as the group's members ever more deeply explore the fundamental concepts underlying the experiential work of transformation; and
  • 2 recorded question and answer bonus sessions with Robert!

The program includes eight weekly pre-recorded video sessions with Robert and a small group of participants who'll be actively exploring the work of Living Compassion. You'll have the marvelous opportunity to observe everyone's interactions, and experience Robert's live, authentic teaching – as well as his eminently practical demonstrations of the primary practices of Living Compassion! 

This course offers you the perfect opportunity to both clarify your understanding of living compassionately, and expand your ability to deeply explore this work!

Who will benefit from this course? People who want to:

  • Practice and deepen their sense of compassion towards themselves
  • Change their fear or pain into something new that blesses all life
  • Blend their NVC practice with their spiritual pathway
  • Practice Living Compassion in everyday, moment-to-moment life

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