Dharma not Drama: Meditations for All Seasons

Dharma not Drama: Meditations for All Seasons

Trainer(s): Mary Mackenzie
Media Format: Audio Download
Duration: 28 hours
Sessions/Tracks: 87
Production Date: 2014-2015

$40.00 USD


21 days of meditations on the qualities that create more fulfillment and aliveness in you spring, summer, fall and winter.

Listen to an introduction to the fall program and try a meditation now!

Break Through What’s Blocking You to Create Clarity and Purpose

Make this year your best ever when you align yourself with the alivenessand energy of the natural biorhythms of the earth. For everything there is a season, and when we can tune into the energy of life, we can work with it instead of against it. We can get into the flow and create peace and connection with ease.

Most other meditation courses train you to quiet your mind. But then what? After you’re done meditating, you’re still just as lost, confused and stuck as before because you haven’t identified your core issues – or the needs that are driving you to create the stuck situation you are currently in.

Meditation for All Seasons is a transformational journey you will go on that will take you from your “deadness” and “stuckness” with your life challenges, to “flow” and “ease.” You’ll connect with your deepest needs, understand your priorities, and be able to break through what’s blocking you to start moving forward with what’s important and relevant for you right now. This is how you start your journey to a limitless life of growth and opportunity.

How meditating on universal needs for 20 minutes a day can change your life

These four 21-day meditation series are based on the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) philosophy of Marshall Rosenberg. They are specifically designed to connect you with your inner wisdom in relation to seasonal energy, creating more aliveness in you. When you understand your core drivers and motivators – your needs – you can greet each day with clarity and purpose.

"Needs are the energy of life – the fundamental motivation for all behaviors. Behind every action, there is a hunger to meet needs." —Marshall Rosenberg, Founder of Nonviolent Communication