Using NVC When the Going Gets Rough

Using NVC When the Going Gets Rough

Trainer(s): Various NVC Trainers
Media Format: Audio
Duration: 9 hours, 16 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 12
Production Date: 07/2013
Language: English

$33.00 USD


Listen to Eric Bowers offer some tips about what to do "When the Going Gets Rough":

What if you could remain calm and connected in situations that used to bring you to a high level of stress?

And what if you could help others involved in tense situations to come back to calm as well? You can.

Using NVC When the Going Gets ROUGH will show you how.

If you are hungry to understand how NVC actually works during those highly charged moments of everyday life, twelve leaders from your NVC community will share their personal experience -- on specifically how to use NVC when dealing with anger.

Someone Yelling at You? Getting Beyond Freezing or Shouting Back
with Irmtraud Kauschat

Irmtraud shares the strategies she developed for herself to connect empathically even when someone is yelling at her.

Empathy for the Roots of Rage: Time, Anger and the Brain
with Sarah Peyton

Do you ever experience being overtaken by your anger or rage, almost as if you have no choice, once the avalanche begins? When the enormity of our anger far exceeds the circumstances that elicit it, we are often dealing with deep roots of pain - learn how to work with these roots with empathy.

In the Fire Behind Bars
with Kathleen Macferran

Ten years of sharing NVC in Washington State prisons has deepened Kathleen's conviction that nonviolence is truly a soul force—a force that transforms any heart touched by its clarity and power. Kathleen shares some stories when tensions ran high in prison workshops, and a fierce holding of how the NVC process helped us navigate. I’ll explore with you how what I learned can support you in moving through your challenging situations with more clarity and grace.

Saying "No" in the Face of Pushback and Intensity
with Dian Killian

How do you respond when someone disagrees or judges you for a choice you're making? This session focuses on how to combine empathy with acceptance of everyone's needs, to help you hold your ground.

This is Your Brain on Anger
with Eric Bowers

What's happening in the brain and why, when you're flooded with intense emotions. This session examines how you can train your brain to manage stronger emotions, yours and others.

Preparing Yourself Before Going In...
with Sylvia Haskvitz

Explore and practice the internal work needed to maintain presence, peace of mind and connection with yourself and others before going into a highly charged or emotional situation.

Almost Overwhelmed at a Funeral....
with Bridget Belgrave

Attend this session and learn how Bridget went diving for her need when experiencing intense emotion, and how it led to unexpected benefits for many people.

If Mom/Dad Ain't Happy, Nobody Is!
with Stephanie Bachmann Mattei

Parenting can bring out the worst in us. Learn to meet the challenges of parenting with awareness, self-compassion and a spirit of inquiry, and explore a few practices to regain self-regulation, choice and freedom, staying anchored in the realization that as human beings we do have the capacity to respond with discernment rather than habitual reactivity.

No Matter What: Listening Between the Lines
with Mair Alight

Mair support particpants in working through their challenging situations, and harvests the how and why specific choices were made.

Why We Forget NVC in the Heat of the Moment, and What We Can Do Instead
with Arnina Kashtan

Arnina discusses what happens in our whole self in heated moments, why our mind blocks us from direct connection with ourselves and our needs, and what we can do IN THE MOMENT so we come back to presence, and avoid the guilt that follows when we're not successful.

Practical Strategies: Lifelines, Including the Rap Song "This is NOT, This is NOT..."
with Douglas P. Dolstad

Before we can utilize the prefrontal cortex wherein choice lives, we have to get there. This workshop offers a variety of strategies: visual, kinesthetic and auditory including the popular "This is NOT..." rap piece that can provide that bridge.

NVC Under Pressure
with François Beausoleil

You may think that the main thing to do to be more effective in tense situations is to practice and increase your "NVC in the moment" skills; but François believes that the most important work you can do is to focus on the state you're in when you meet challenges. François shows you how to get in the optimal inner state: the nonviolent state.