NVC in Business

NVC in Business

Trainer(s): Various NVC Trainers
Media Format: Audio
Duration: 8 hours, 54 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 11
Production Date: 2013
Language: English

$30.00 USD


Learn how to bring ALL of you, including NVC, into your work and make a real difference in the world!

This teleconference recording showcases the latest case studies and real-world results from people just like you who are using NVC to transform businesses worldwide. You’ll see exactly what to do to create empowered teams, better communication and a culture of caring in your workplace. Whether or not you are in management, or have a position of authority, you will learn how you can maintain your NVC consciousness and be fully yourself, and in alignment with your values.

Transform Your Workplace, Transform the World
with Melanie Sears

Ever wondered how changing the dynamics of doctor-patient, or patient-nurse dynamics would effect your patients? See how NVC can help all parties thrive!

Get inspired by the amazing results that were achieved when Melanie’s organization moved from a domination business model to a partnership model. Mel will share her research about the health care industry and show you specifically what to do to evolve your organization to a partnership model where everybody thrives.

Creating Collaborative Organizations
with Miki Kashtan

If you’re a change agent who struggles with exactly what to do to bring NVC into your organization, this is the course for you.

Miki will take you step-by-step through four vital systems that support radical collaboration and foster meaning. You’ll learn how to design a decision making process, create clear statements of intent, and create a process for resolving conflict. This training will include an interview with one of Miki’s clients telling real-life stories from the ‘”trenches” about what really works. You’ll get a solid foundation for how to embed the principles of NVC into the DNA of your organization. Read Miki's New York Times article on workplace collaboration.

How to Create a “Living” Organization
with Gregg Kendrick

As a manager or business owner, you are responsible for getting business results! See how creating a happier and more productive workplace through NVC also delivers bottom line results.

Listen to Mary Mackenzie interview Gregg Kendrick and one of his clients to learn how to successfully introduce NVC into an organization that is unfamiliar with the concept. Gregg’s client, Dale Neikirk, will be sharing how NVC has supported and improved the results of his insurance company, through Gregg’s masterly facilitation.

NVC in Organizations: Documented Results
with Dian Killian

Different organizations have different cultures and different needs – see the research and learn what works, and what doesn’t in different types of companies.

Through an exciting interview with Mary Mackenzie, Dian will share stories about how she and her clients created greater awareness around needs and feelings that helped them create a closer relationship with the team. She’ll also be unveiling her research results for her work with Merck Pharmaceuticals and show you how you can get similar results in your workplace.

Transform “Enemies” into Alliances with Empathy
with Ike Lasater

See how simple it is to provide more equanimity, understanding and connection to people you may be struggling with in the workplace.

Learn the Enemy Image Process – a step-by-step transformational journey that will help you understand the motivations of those you have judgments about. Judgments can also be called Enemy Images – and cause us to react out of fear – setting up a cycle of self-fulfilling prophecies. Hear how you can use this process to reconnect with yourself, gain relief from judgmental reactions, and lay the foundation for more productive relationships.

Weaving NVC into the Full Business Cycle
with John Buck and Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

The full business cycle begins with connecting with your customer and ends when you receive something of value in exchange for providing a needs-serving product or service. Learn how you can make this process more enjoyable and life serving when you incorporate empathy and listening into every step of the business cycle.

Covert Compassion: Bring NVC to the Workplace Without Letting People Know You’re Doing it!
with Jeff Brown

Now you can bring NVC consciousness into the workplace without sounding weird and enjoy the rewards of being yourself at work!

Learn creative ways to infiltrate your organization with NVC. Get stealth practices for how to incorporate NVC in a way that works with your work culture. Identify the human needs driving business practices so you get your organization to embrace NVC rather than resist it.

Business Bloopers and How to Avoid Them
with François Beausoleil

Be aware of the potential pitfalls and miscommunications that are so common at work. Learn how to avoid them and communicate your NVC consciousness fully.

Find out how to avoid the traps that befall unwary NVC practitioners at work. You’ll get proven tactics from real-life situations that will show you what worked and what didn’t and how you can avoid political faux pas, overcome poor email communication, and navigate in the absence of management direction.

Success and Failure Factors Bringing NVC into Organizations
with Lorraine Aguilar

If you are ready to be an agent of change, find out where you stand – is your strategy setting you up for success or failure?

This interactive workshop is for people who want to expand their focus of NVC from one relationship at a time to one system at a time.  Organizational development consultant and certified NVC trainer Lorraine Aguilar will share six proven success factors and six failure factors for bringing NVC into organizations.  You will leave with a rugged self-assessment of where you stand and how you can best leverage your resources to successfully integrate NVC into your core mission and business practices.

Mapping the Territory – How to take NVC into your Workplace
with Ruud Baanders

Create the most important planning tool you’ll need to implement change: the roadmap to your organization. Learn how, step-by-step, in this course.

Avoid potential pitfalls by learning how to map the territory of your organization. This includes understanding the needs and agendas of all the people involved in the decision-making process. You will get an overview of the entire process for creating an implementation plan and a deep dive into key stages of the process.

Nuts and Bolts of Collaborative and Efficient Decision Making
with Miki Kashtan

Ready to break through the bottle-necks that are constantly slowing down your projects? Learn a simple process to facilitate decision making effectively and efficiently.

Learn the key skills for creating a collaborative decision-making process that is also efficient and time-saving. Miki will share a unique process that can be used throughout the lifecycle of long-term business projects to break bottlenecks and get everyone on board without resentment or polarization. This process will show you how to help any group reach decisions that are truly collaborative. Read Miki's New York Times article on workplace collaboration.

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