Forming, Uniting and Nurturing NVC Communities

Forming, Uniting and Nurturing NVC Communities

Trainer(s): Larson, Brown, Masters, Mackenzie
Media Format: Audio
Duration: 52 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 1
Production Date: 08/2014
Language: English

$6.00 USD

Does your workplace convey a sense of "community?" And how does that sense of community you feel at work differ from what's present at your church, your sangha or dojo? What about the neighborhood where you live?

The word "community" is so fluid, it's hard to pin down and define! Partly because it can be expressed in many different ways: monthly practice groups… gatherings such as potlucks or coffee get-togethers… local and regional boundaries or organizations… We no longer even have to be face-to-face to have community; we can now gather virtually in online communities and share common interests and values regardless of where we work or live…

Please join us as we take a deeper look into this mysterious word, "community." Together we'll explore the living process of creating, uniting and nurturing NVC communities so that they transcend yet sustain and empower their members.

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