The Parenting Matters TeleConference

The Parenting Matters TeleConference

Trainer(s): Various Trainers
Media Format: Audio Download
Duration: 13 hours, 42 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 13
Production Date: 01/2013
Language: English

$75.00 USD


Join us for this virtual conference packed with world renowned parenting speakers and receive the latest cutting-edge parenting information on brain science, healthy brain development in children, and practical tips for parenting from your heart even when feeling stress.

Listen to Dr. Daniel Siegel explain Attachment Parenting and how developing sensitivity to your child can have lifelong positive effects:


  • Learn keys that will guide your children toward life-long happiness

  • Do you want to relax and let go of perfectionism? We'll show you how, fostering security and well-being in your children

  • Teach your children how to eat what's good for them, and be happy about it

  • Do you want to parent from a place of love even when scared or overwhelmed? We'll offer practical tips you can use right away!

  • Have just too much fun playing with your kids while increasing their learning abilities

  • Multiply your heart-felt connection with your children

  • Deepen your own compassion to empower yourself to be the parent you want to be

What’s Nonviolent Communication Got to Do with Parenting?
with Stephanie Bachmann Mattei

Stephanie will open The Parenting Matters TeleConference by sharing how the practice of Nonviolent Communication intentionally and actively supports the scientific revolution that is taking place in the world around the art of parenting. Nonviolent Communication enhances self-understanding, fosters healthy attachment and promotes a parent – child relationship based on connection, empathy and unconditional love.

Parenting from the Inside Out
with Keynote Dr. Daniel Siegel

Parents' self understanding and ability to be present for their children's and their own emotions is the best predictor of how children will develop social and emotional intelligence. This presentation will provide an overview of the science of attachment and how the coherence of a parent's autobiographical narrative can be cultivated to nurture a healthy parent-child relationship.

Parenting for a Peaceful World
with Robin Grille

You are invited on a journey about the surprising and shocking history and evolution of parenting. Thanks to recent revolutionary discoveries about early childhood development and the human brain, the history of childhood offers vital clues about the roots of human violence and social disharmony. Our future rests on the way we care for parents, and the way we treat children.

Parenting Children Younger than 5: How to Really Enjoy Your Toddler and Preschooler! 
with Ingrid Bauer

This class explores how to deepen your relationship with your young child based on cooperation, trust and connection. You will learn about nurturing a strong attachment beyond babyhood, understanding what toddlers/preschoolers need the most and supporting their autonomy, exploration and cooperation without power struggles.

Feed Your Family with Care and Compassion
with Sylvia Haskvitz

In this workshop, explore your food story and the impact it has on your children. Support your children to have a quality relationship with food that serves them now and in their future. Learn tools for bringing consciousness to your family's eating experience by adding more joy and ease around food and well-being.

The Gift of Being a Flawed Parent: How Our Mistakes, Fears and Conflicts Help Us Raise Children with Authenticity, Empathy and Resilience with Lu Hanessian

Instead of seeing our so-called flaws as defects, we can explore our anger, fear, shame, self-doubt and conflicts to actually become more inspired, peaceful and connected parents. Lu explores the power of our story on our perceptions, responses and communication with our children, and sheds light on the purpose of our imperfections and vulnerabilities to grow and connect us.

Parenting from Your Heart - Q&A
with Inbal Kashtan

I am so grateful for Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in our family life, and I am passionate about how transforming parenting practices can create personal and social transformation. Join me with your questions about parenting with NVC - in your life or mine - and together we'll explore what is possible and how to live open-heartedly with what is.

Man Up: Being A Dad
with Eric Guy

Eric discusses important areas in life where men can reclaim the power of manhood without the entanglement of societal conditioning. Eric will discuss some of the challenges to the traditional "man paradigm" and offer an alternative view that, if embraced, will improve relationships with spouses, children and each other.

Helping Your Child Develop a Personal Faith
with Hema Pokharna

Knowing and learning ways to gain sufficient inner strength as children will prepare them to meet the challenges of life. This course focuses on helping you lead your children toward developing a loving relationship with a higher source. Working with examples from participants' lives, and using a mix of structured and experiential exercises, you will learn how to take advantage of everyday teachable moments to illustrate spiritual principles. And, you will learn simple ways to tell your children what you believe, and to show them how to make faith in a higher source part of everyday life.

Playful Parenting
with Lawrence J. Cohen

When is it easy for you to be playful? When is it difficult (or impossible)? A lighthearted approach can help even serious behavior or parenting challenges. But playful parenting isn't all about fun and games. It is also about a deeper understanding of a child's emotions—and your own.

Bringing Compassion to Past Parenting Choices
with John Kinyon

Much of parenting is about mediating our inner conflicts. John shows how to create empathy and learning within ourselves when we react to our children in ways we later experience with self-blame and judgment. John's training blends the model of mediation, distinctions in language derived from Nonviolent Communication, and promising new ideas in brain science, habit change research and mind-body training.

Parenting for Peace: From Scared to Sacred
with Marcy Axness

Scared parenting is epidemic, due to too much information, too many choices and too little confidence. Science finds that parental anxiety reduces children's well-being. The best antidote for anxiety is action -- doing cultivates mastery! Participants will come away with practical tools to immediately begin transforming "scared" into "sacred" -- bringing more ease, tranquility and joy to day-to-day parenting.

Parenting: Self-Compassion in Action
with Stephanie Bachmann Mattei

It has been said that "Making the decision to have a child is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." Stephanie would add, "It is also an unprecedented opportunity to learn to embrace our fragile humanness." Despite our best intentions and courageous efforts it is often in hindsight - especially after gaining more information and deeper understanding on the impact of our parenting - that we get flooded with heartache and regret. Attend this closing session to learn more about open-hearted self-acceptance and mindful self-compassion.

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