NVC Academy 1st Annual Telethon (2014)

NVC Academy 1st Annual Telethon (2014)

Trainer(s): Various
Duration: 6 hours, 54 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 12
Production Date: 8/16/2014

$21.00 USD


Enjoy all 12 sessions of NVC Academy's 1st annnual telethon from 2014.

Session 1. Rewire Your Brain for a Change - Using Neurobiology to Transform Limiting Beliefs with Anne Walton
Anne leads us through a guided visualization to help us make a shift in ideas we hold about ourselves.

Session 2. No Need Left Behind: All Needs Matter in the Classroom- Including the Teachers! with Lore Baur
Lore shares how, as a teacher, the classroom is a laboratory for learning NVC and incorporating the NVC consciousness into the classroom. Topics discussed include empathy, permission to educate, protective use of force, corrective action, choice & options and re-do.

Session 3. I Want to be an NVC Trainer - What do I Need to Know? with Sylvia Haskvitz
Sylvia explores the phases of Knowing, Living and Teaching NVC to the best of you ability

Session 4. Attachment and Connection as a Foundation for Parenting--and Life! with Ingrid Bauer
Ingrid shares about the three primary keys of parenting & NVC, two child rearing models, developmental needs for children and how to foster secure attachment.

Session 5. What Do I Do When I Completely Forget My NVC Consciousness? with Arnina Kashtan
Arnina asks us: What is it we forget? What is it we'd like to remember? What is the NVC Consciousness?

Session 6. Matrix of Self-Assessment: Identifying Strengths and Using Them for Growing Skills with Jim and Jori Manske
Jim and Jori show us how to identify our strengths and using them for growing our skills. They offer a group exercise to deal with a challenging situations as well as how to implement the practice of self assessment.

Session 7. Dissolving Enemy Images with Francois Beausoleil
Francois shares the benefits of living in the Blame Free State, the state of the heart that has no enemies.

Session 8. The Power of Gratitude with Hema Pokharna
Hema shows how using the breath and introspective practice can re-charge our lives.

Session 9. From Suffering to Aliveness: Not Fighting Reality with Bob Wentworth
Bob gives us steps we can take when we are fighting reality, and differentiates mourning from suffering. Bob offers this exercise: Fight with Reality: Learn more healthy ways of relating to a situation when our needs are not being met.

Session10. Compassionate Mediation: How NVC Can Bring People Together Across Differences with Jeff Brown
Jeff shows us how to emply NVC to supercharge the possibility of transformation between two people in a mediation process.

Session 11. Treat Your Body Like a Temple Not a Tent: A Meditation for Physical Healing with Mary Mackenzie
Mary leads us on a guided meditation from disconnection with our body to appreciation of the magnificent workings of it - with suggestions for a daily practice.

Session 12. Being Giraffe: Who Are You Really? with Jim and Jori Manske
What is our vision and aspirations for ourselves as giraffes? Jim and Jori offer strategies for living in "NVC consciousness.