Dialogue within Your Family

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Dialogue within Your Family

Trainer(s): Miki Kastan
Media Format: Audeo Download
Duration: 5 hours, 36 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 5
Production Date: 2014
Language: English

$27.00 USD

Many of us long for our family to be a haven of intimacy and understanding, especially as we experience the outer world becoming an increasingly harsh and impersonal place. Yet family is often the place where we experience the most pain!

This course recording focuses on the unique challenges of engaging in dialogue with the dear people who comprise our closest relationships. Believe it or not, dialogue can become a way of life – as natural as breathing –within your family of origin, even if you are currently struggling.

In these course recordings, Miki focuses on dialogue as it relates to each of the following five specific types of relationships or situations:

  • Young children
  • Teenagers
  • Partners
  • Extended family
  • Adults in need of physical care

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