Diving Deeper Into the Spiral of Life

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Diving Deeper Into the Spiral of Life

Trainer(s): Robert Gonzales
Media Format: Audio Download
Duration: 6 hours, 7 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 7
Production Date: 2014
Language: English

$36.00 USD


If your heart calls you to go deeper, then you’ll want to dive into a voyage with Robert Gonzales to swim ever deeper into the Spiral of Life. Together, you and Robert will disclose your deepest longings, needs and values in all their forms to the place where the Real You Lives.

Your journey will begin by being face-to-face with your divine Life Force – that essential living energy that permeates all. Together, you and Robert will watch as you breathe it in, and feel it unfurl in your heart. It will disclose to you your deepest longings: your now wholly visible needs and values in all their forms…

This is the place where the Real You Lives… When you’re not able to live from this authentic place, you suffer.

If you choose to travel here, you will:

  • Increase your capacity for self-compassion and unconditional self-acceptance
  • Reclaim your passion for living authentically with compassion, creativity, love and clarity
  • Strengthen your ability to be naturally open-hearted towards pain and mourning
  • Learn to meet life with vulnerability and strength, together
  • Deepen your spiritual relationship to your Life Force
  • Discover that beauty and compassion are the central essence of your heart

Robert will teach you the deeper practices and tools he designed to help you stay closely connected to your authentic self. Traveling here will gently deepen your trust of your own place and purpose in life. 

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