Choosing Peace

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Choosing Peace

Trainer(s): John Kinyon & Ike Lasater
Media Format: Audio
Duration: 6 hours, 48 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 6
Production Date: 2014

$36.00 USD

You will develop the capacity to return to presence in the midst of the “Fight-Flight-Freeze” reaction that is brought on by conflict. You'll also learn to use Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to navigate and resolve conflicts between yourself and others and between external parties who are in conflict. Topics include: self-connection and intensity practices; the three-chair model; the nine mediation skills; the interpersonal mediation model; and mediator self-care.

Three-Chair Model.
A key component of our training, these three chairs become “self,” “other,” and “mediating presence” and are present in all aspects and contexts of conflict. In the role-play exercises, which are central to our practice-based learning approach, participants have the opportunity to use real situations from their lives as they rotate through all three roles (self, other, mediating presence). The result is invaluable personal growth and healing experiences, as well as accelerated skill development.

Self-Connection Process prevents the Fight-Flight-Freeze conflict reaction. With daily practice you develop “mind-body memory” to choose connection within yourself that gives you the power to connect with others in a way that creates what you really want for your life and relationships.

Interpersonal Mediation Model. A step-by-step “map” designed to help you:
  • Navigate and resolve conflict conversations between yourself and another person
  • Take a mediator’s perspective when responding to your own conflict
  • Facilitate empathic understanding for the other person
  • Facilitate yourself being heard for your truth and honesty
  • Find solutions and agreements that meet both your needs

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