Creating the Life You Want With Powerful Requests

Creating the Life You Want With Powerful Requests

Trainer(s): Miki Kashtan
Media Format: Audio
Duration: 5 hours 11 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 5
Production Date: 03/2008
Language: English

$24.00 USD


In this telecourse recording, expert trainer Miki Kashtan will help you uncover what prevents you from asking for everything you want without fear. The class includes daily practices for ongoing skill building.

Themes of the course include:

Part 1 – Why is it Hard to Ask for What I Want?
Part 2 – Overcoming Our Fear of “No”
Part 3 – Overcoming Our Fear of a Half-hearted “Yes”
Part 4 – The Solution Will Find Us if We Focus on Connection
Part 5 – The Dance of Interdependence

Listen to this exciting audio with Miki Kashtan and gain a greater sense of power in your life as you learn to ask for what you want and deepen your connection with others.