Learning the Practice of Being in Empathy

Learning the Practice of Being in Empathy

Trainer(s): Mary Mackenzie and Raj Gill
Media Format: Audio
Duration: 2 hours and 29 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 1
Production Date: 06/2008
Language: English

$10.00 USD


Join CNVC Certified Trainers, Raj Gill and Mary Mackenzie as they explore the Nonviolent Communication process of Empathy.  This audio will support people with a basic understanding of Nonviolent Communication who want to deepen their ability for empathic presence.

Empathy is a learned skill and a beautiful process that helps people build connection and trust. Imagine being present with your whole being to perceive and relate to another person’s feelings and needs with no desire to blame, give advice or fix the situation.

Empathy can also be described as “reading” another person’s inner state and translating it into understandable conversation which supports mutual connection.

Experience this audio to:

  • Deepen your understanding and purpose of intention
  • Learn to respond to challenging situations without losing connection with another
  • Experience ease in being present to another person’s pain without a desire to judge, blame or fix
  • Learn to express your own feelings and needs without sacrificing the integrity of your position and content (honesty)