VIVENCIA: The Art of Empathic Intelligence

VIVENCIA: The Art of Empathic Intelligence

Trainer(s): Jorge Rubio
Media Format: Audio
Duration: 9 hours, 54 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 8
Production Date: 02/2011
Language: English

$35.00 USD


In this telecourse recording, you'll learn to differentiate between cerebral empathy and intuitive empathic listening. Awaken your sensitivity towards body sensations and inner feelings to recognize the clear inner clues to your empathic connection.

Key points covered in this course:

  • How trying to feel and not to feel confuses the system. What is your Vivencia when you are trying to feel or not to feel?
  • Spiritual presence: how to be dumb and lazy
  • The life giving power of judgments
  • The toxic effects of trying to help, be of service or be there for people
  • The roots of empathic receptivity
  • Gossipy curiosity as a fundamental spiritual presence
  • How to powerfully live from your full humanity
  • Expressing your own weather reports

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