Expressing Anger Peacefully

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Expressing Anger Peacefully

Trainer(s): Raj Gill
Media Format: Audio Download
Duration: 1 hour 27 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 1
Production Date: 07/2007

$12.00 USD

A Telecourse Recording with CNVC Certified Trainer Raj Gill from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Anger makes us lose control over ourselves, causing harm to others and ourselves too. Nonviolent Communication provides an easy to grasp, effective method to get to the root of our anger and resolve inner conflict, or conflict with others peacefully.

This session is designed for those who want to understand how to express anger peacefully. Join Raj Gill for this session to learn ways to get needs met using less costly strategies.

Learn more about these aspects of NVC:

  • Learn to transform anger before it leads to behavior you’ll regret
  • Distinguish stimulus from cause
  • Connect with the needs that are under the anger
  • Understand your triggers
  • Identify strategies that are mutually satisfying
  • Express anger in ways that get needs met peacefully

Benefits of MP3 recordings:

  • Listen to the learning material again and again
  • Recordings are an alternative to participating in a live course
  • Use recordings to prepare for a live workshop or telecourse
  • Conveniently listen in your car, while you're jogging, or while relaxing at home
  • Recordings can supplement your learning and reinforce what you already know
  • Recordings make great learning tools for your practice group


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