Healing & Reconciliation

Healing & Reconciliation

Trainer(s): Ike Lasater and John Kinyon
Media Format: Audio
Duration: 7 - 9 hours
Sessions/Tracks: 6
Production Date: 2016
Language: English

$40.00 USD


Lighten your load of anger, emotional hurt and pain.

Almost all of us travel with "baggage" – anger, emotional hurt and pain from past conflicts. It is a normal part of being human. The Mediate Your Life Healing and Reconciliation workshop is a 4-day training that will help you to lighten your load.

Plan to be happy.

What is the source of your anguish and hurt? Maybe you feel a longtime resentment against another person, living or deceased. Or you may be angry with yourself for a past decision or action. Perhaps you feel guilt or shame. Finally, it may be that someone else perceives you as the cause of their pain. In any case, relief is within reach.

Learn step-by-step processes in a supportive learning community.

Built on the work of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) founder Marshall Rosenberg, Mediate Your Life uses innovative processes to mediate all aspects of difficult conversations, whether they are internal, interpersonal or within groups or societies. We offer step-by-step, highly effective processes and exercises that rewire your brain to return to presence and create connection between yourself and others. Our intensive format not only teaches these powerful skills but also provides you the opportunity to practice them in a supportive learning community.

At its core, the Mediate Your Life program is about listening to—and really hearing—ourselves and others. The process teaches how to replace conflict with true collaboration, new possibilities, and compassionate support.

Your conversations with yourself and others have the power to transform.

Simply saying "Forgive and forget" doesn't make it happen. It takes work to make amends. That work begins within ourselves. Only after you have made peace with yourself, can you move onto facilitate peace with others. You have the power to change your own life.

Learn to heal yourself. Help another person heal.

The Mediate Your Life Healing and Reconciliation workshop will give you the tools to facilitate re-connection within yourself or with another person. These skills will also help you navigate the challenges of being in a group in which one or more conflicts spontaneously arise over a group decision.

Skills to change a lifetime.

Are you tired of carrying around the burden of anguish and hurt?
Give the gift of peace to yourself.
Share this peace to your families.
Take it to your communities.
Shape the word you live in.

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