Choosing Peace: Responding to Conflict in Your Life

Choosing Peace: Responding to Conflict in Your Life

Trainer(s): Ike Lasater and John Kinyon
Media Format: Audio
Duration: 7 - 9 hours
Sessions/Tracks: 6
Production Date: 2015
Language: English

$40.00 USD


Create peace… Choose peace…

Happiness, compassion, and the ability to change the world are learnable skills. Come learn them and change your world – one conversation at a time…

Yes, there is creative, transformative power in how you communicate with yourself and with others. When you change the way you listen and speak, you change your life. And when you change your life, the world changes…

This six session telecourse recording – built on the work of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) founder Marshall Rosenberg – integrates compassion, mindfulness, and clear communication in order to help you learn to create and choose peace with yourself, with others, and with society at large.

  • Not only will you be learning a new way to communicate, you'll be learning a new way to live. You'll:
  • Study innovative processes designed to help you mediate all aspects of difficult conversations, whether they are internal, interpersonal or within groups or societies;
  • Learn step-by-step, highly effective exercises that rewire your brain to return to presence, and create connection between yourself and others; and
  • Enjoy a creative, intensive format that facilitates learning these powerful skills and provides you the opportunity to practice them in a supportive learning community.

Life is a series of conversations with your self and others. Each conversation has the power to transform. When you understand and communicate your needs with clarity – and with empathy for the universality of those needs – conflict leads to connection. The illusion of separation from self and others fades…

And finally, you are at home with the world.

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