The Time and Money Course

The Time and Money Course

Trainer(s): François Beausoleil and Jeff Brown
Media Format: Audio
Duration: 5 hours, 39 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 6
Production Date: 2015
Language: English

$21.00 USD

This course you will help you:
  • Gain a clear understanding of the internal mechanics that cause you to experience a sense of scarcity around time and money;
  • Re-engineer your life by moving out of scarcity thinking and transforming your main limiting beliefs about time and money;
  • Be able to truly assess what is enough;
  • Ground your everyday decisions in the needs you want to serve, rather than a vague sense that something is always lacking;
  • Free yourself from "comparison thinking" around time and money with people around you, which can easily lead to struggles and a sense of a lack of fairness;
  • Learn how to create a healthy and life-serving relationship with money;
  • Learn the 5 main reasons why we don't treat our time as the very important resource that it is;
  • Learn two main skills necessary to control your calendar;
  • Learn practical tools to transform fears or limiting beliefs so that you can consciously choose your future; and
  • Develop a personal action plan that will help you translate internal shifts into more success with time and money in the outer world.

You'll come away with a clear, concrete, and personal action plan that'll help you integrate what you've learned into your life!

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