Taking 100% Responsibility for Every Relationship

Taking 100% Responsibility for Every Relationship

Trainer(s): Miki Kashtan
Media Format: Audio
Duration: 4 hours, 23 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 4 plus preview
Language: English

$20.00 USD

When relationships falter, our habitual response is either to blame the other person (sadly frequent) or to blame ourselves. If only one or the other of us did something “right,” then the relationship would be different…

Whoever you blame, the act of blaming leaves you in the victim position and unable to have the relationship you want.

Taking 100% Responsibility offers a powerful antidote to this all-too-common dynamic by inviting you to assume a stance of leadership while holding full care for both parties’ needs. No longer will you need to wait for the other person to change, nor will you need to give up your needs to reach harmony.

During this course, you’ll first learn how to identify and express your needs without turning them into a demand, and second, you’ll learn how to be fully open to hearing others’ needs without forgetting your own. The goal? To make the relationship as workable as possible for both parties!

Each week we’ll focus on one aspect of shifting into an empowered position within a relationship:
  1. Composting dissatisfaction: attending fully to your needs
  2. Transforming judgments, your own and the other person’s
  3. Combining empowerment and empathic understanding
  4. Making decisions together in support of both of your needs