Leadership within Your Workplace

Leadership within Your Workplace

Trainer(s): Miki Kashtan
Media Format: Audio
Duration: 4 hours, 55 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 4 plus preview
Language: English

$20.00 USD

Very few people occupy positions of such authority within an organization that they can singlehandedly shape its direction, culture, and focus. Most of us, often even those in position of apparent authority, experience ourselves as powerless within the organizations where we work.

Leadership within Your Workplace offers you a simple – and dramatically different – framework. Regardless of your position, you can adopt an attitude of leadership toward the organization. Essentially, this means you’re caring for the whole instead of focusing only on your own job, that of your team, or of a few specific individuals you believe are responsible for your ability to do your job.

During the course, you’ll focus on stepping beyond solely advocating for what matters to YOU – however much you believe in it – so you can also integrate with utmost seriousness the purpose and values of the organization and its designated leaders. Stepping into leadership means choosing, in each moment, how you want to act in support of multiple stakeholders.

Each week Miki will introduce one building block of this orientation, and offer specific tools that can help you live into leadership:
  1. Accept and embrace caring for the whole, regardless of position
  2. Hold multiple needs while choosing a path of action: personal needs, needs of others, and shared purpose and values
  3. Support people in positions of power
  4. Empower those without formal power

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