Becoming a Change Agent Everywhere You Go

Becoming a Change Agent Everywhere You Go

Trainer(s): Miki Kashtan
Media Format: Audio
Duration: 5 hours, 18 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 4 plus preview
Production Date: 2015
Language: English

$20.00 USD

More people are becoming increasingly – and painfully – aware of how much the world we have collectively created is not geared toward attending to human needs. Yet despite caring, most of us continue to choose to focus our energy purely on our own individual lives. We lack vision and resources for doing anything else.

Becoming a Change Agent offers you a defined pathway out of passivity and overwhelm, helping you to view leadership as a different kind of response to where you already are, rather than an internal demand to take on projects and activities you feel unable to do.

If you can respond more powerfully wherever you are and with whomever you interact, then you begin to be a “shaper” rather than a passive recipient or observer.

This course offers perspectives and skills that can support you in acting from an empowered position in a variety of common circumstances. This enables you to learn core principles of leadership and apply them everywhere.

The topics for each week are:
  1. Within groups and communities: facilitating from the sidelines
  2. Across differences: aiming for mutually beneficial outcomes
  3. In random encounters: transcending isolation and bringing forth humanity
  4. In activism: aiming for a world that works for all, including current opponents

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