Resolving Conflicts Internally

Resolving Conflicts Internally

Trainer(s): Ike Lasater and John Kinyon
Media Format: Audio
Duration: 8 - 10 hours
Sessions/Tracks: 6
Production Date: 1/2016
Language: English

$40.00 USD


A life changes one conversation at a time. When you change your life, the world changes. And the first conversation to have is with yourself.

To be truly at ease with yourself and with those around you is transformative. The first step is to approach every conflict – whether internal or external – as an opportunity. During the six-week Resolving Conflicts Internally telecourse, you'll integrate compassion, mindfulness, and clear communication in ways that will help you learn to negotiate internal conflicts.

If you've ever experienced intrusive thoughts of guilt or shame, or found yourself judging or "beating yourself up," then you know that banishing these thoughts doesn't work.

What you'll learn during Resolving Conflicts Internally will.

The skills and processes that comprise this course are drawn from the worlds of professional dispute resolution, meditation and self-awareness, spiritual and wisdom traditions, and contemporary psychology and brain science.

The result is nothing less than in-depth training in a new language, a brand new set of skills, and a new consciousness!

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