Creating and Sustaining Strong Teams

Creating and Sustaining Strong Teams

Trainer(s): Miki Kashtan
Media Format: Audio
Duration: 4 -6 hours
Sessions/Tracks: 4
Production Date: 02/2016
Language: English

$24.00 USD



Sometimes strong, vibrant teams are simply miracles.

More often, though, they are an accomplishment that emerges from implementing key practices that make collaboration productive and generative. Sadly, many teams lack both the commitment and the skills for taking on complex group issues, leaving teams vulnerable to power play, hidden competition, and plain old ineffectiveness. Meetings turn into a waste of time, and work is mostly done by individuals on their own – with only formal nods to collaboration.

To work effectively within a team you'll need to master new capacities. The challenge of collaborating within a team invites you to extend what you learned about interpersonal relationships to the rich tapestry of what happens when groups of people work together towards a shared purpose. Each week, you'll focus on one key element through examples drawn from participants' work lives:

  • Attention to both relationships and shared purpose;
  • Working with power differences – from above;
  • Working with power differences – from below; and
  • Maximizing efficiency and collaboration during meetings.

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