Supporting a Culture of Collaboration

Supporting a Culture of Collaboration

Trainer(s): Miki Kashtan
Media Format: Audio
Duration: 4 -6 hours
Sessions/Tracks: 4
Production Date: 4/2016
Language: English

$24.00 USD


However much we individually dedicate ourselves to collaboration, we cannot singlehandedly transform a culture and make it more collaborative. This requires attention and change at the systemic level.

Collaboration rests on finding effective ways of attending to multiple needs. Its full benefits require aligning all systems with the principle of focusing on needs and purpose at all levels.

Committed to embracing collaboration on a larger scale within your team and organization? Then you'll find this particular section uniquely appealing!

The first week is all about learning which systems are critical for any organization to establish and clarify – whether collaborative or not – and on the basic principles of shifting to a collaborative orientation. During subsequent weeks, you and Miki will be reviewing specific systems, including proposing ways of aligning those systems with collaborative principles:

  • Basic principles of collaborative systems;
  • Shared purpose and values;
  • Decision making and resource allocation systems; and
  • Feedback and conflict resolution systems.

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