NVC at Work: Transforming Organizations with Nonviolent Communication

NVC at Work: Transforming Organizations with Nonviolent Communication

Trainer(s): Dian Killian
Media Format: Audio
Duration: 6 - 8 hours
Sessions/Tracks: 6
Production Date: 9/2016
Language: English

$36.00 USD


Numerous studies, books, and articles show that companies and organizations are experiencing a crisis.

Survey after survey shows that the majority of employees feel disengaged from their companies.
The epidemic of organizational disillusionment goes way beyond corporations – teachers, doctors, and nurses are leaving their professions in record numbers because the way we run schools and hospitals kills their vocation. Government agencies and non-profits have a noble purpose, but working for these entities often feels soulless and lifeless just the same.

All these organizations suffer from power games played at the top and powerlessness at lower levels, from infighting and bureaucracy, from endless meetings and a seemingly never-ending succession of change and cost-cutting programs.          
—Reinventing Organizations

Staff are disillusioned, de-motivated, burned out, and disengaged – both in the corporate and nonprofit sectors. Old management models are becoming increasingly ineffective and irrelevant in our highly interactive, high-tech age.

What can be done to help repair and heal this deeply challenging schism?

The practice of Collaborative (Compassionate) Communication offers a clear pathway for moving through this crisis. It provides specific skills for fostering intrinsic motivation, appreciation, openness, creativity, collaboration, and engagement – creating new systems at work and changing society as a whole.

Sharing NVC with people in organizations can be deeply satisfying and effective for a variety of reasons. First of all, you’re working with a built-in community (teams of employees) who’re spending a significant amount of time together – and they’re already motivated to communicate more effectively. Second, once the staff learns to practice NVC, they bring these skills home, impacting the community as a whole. And third – for NVC trainers in particular – sharing NVC with organizations can play a key role in our sustainability, supporting us in continuing to share these life-changing skills with the world.
In this course recording, you’ll receive inside information and support from a coach and trainer with over 10 years experience working with a range of organizations, from small nonprofits to major NGOs and Fortune 100 companies. You’ll benefit by gaining “Know-How” and clarity about your goals for bringing NVC into the world… confidence in how to approach clients… how to design and deliver effective workplace trainings… and how to retain those clients and build your NVC business.

Participants will learn – and practice – how to:

  • Talk about NVC in a way that has meaning and relevance for companies and organizations, showing a clear ROI (return on investment).
  • Draw on different applications of NVC for the workplace: addressing change in management, management issues / styles, morale / teamwork, employee retention, etc.
  • Create a value-based training proposal (with different service and product options) based on the needs of each specific client.
  • Structure meetings with potential clients to move agreements forward.
  • Custom design any materials, activities and languaging for each client.
  • Develop your own marketing materials to increase your outreach and build your business of sharing NVC.

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