3rd Annual NVC Telethon

3rd Annual NVC Telethon

Trainer(s): NVC Academy
Media Format: Audio
Duration: 6 hours
Sessions/Tracks: 12
Production Date: 11/2016
Language: English

$30.00 USD


12 Sessions, 12 Topics!


Healing Shame Through the Compass of Needs
Liv Larsson, CNVC Certified Trainer

Many of us do not realize how often we do things in order to avoid shame. However, when you avoid shame, you miss an opportunity to connect with some important needs!

Pausing to embrace the shame is key to connecting to your sensitivity and to your needs – as well as to belonging, to acceptance, and to dignity. When you embrace the shame, a door to reclaiming a life of power and choice will open to you!

What you'll see and hear during this session will demonstrate how to use The Compass of Needs to help you find your way through.

Why Silence is Not Enough
Roxanne Manning, CNVC Certified Trainer

How many times have you heard someone make a statement about another group (women, Muslims, African-Americans, immigrants, LGBTQ identified people) that absolutely horrified you?

If you're like me, sometimes you have turned away, staying silent…

During this course, we'll explore the reasons behind our choice to stay silent, examine the possible impact of our silence on ourselves and those around us, and think through strategies to speak up in support of an honoring of all our humanity.

Coaching with EMPOWERING Questions
Martha Lasley, CNVC Certified Trainer

Empathy can be very supportive, especially when folks are disconnected from their feelings and needs.

You can help people become more connected by creating space for them to self-empathize.

If you ask the familiar, "Are you feeling x because you need y," you may be inadvertently robbing the other person of the process of self-discovery. Instead, use a range of open-ended questions that support self-intimacy and deeper awareness.

During this course we'll explore the critical importance of giving people space to HAVE their feelings – space to connect deeply to their own inner experience – as well as tools for embracing the shadow by honoring the positive intent of each aspect of the human psyche.

Being with Grief: Approaching Mourning NVC-Style
Kristin Masters, CNVC Certified Trainer

We're always in relation to our universal needs, whether we're in celebration or in mourning. Yet many of us struggle when attempting to companion ourselves through the suffering we encounter with loss.

During this course you'll discover what can happen when you:

Uncouple suffering and mourning;

Receive empathy for your fears about grief; and

Taste the fullness of life that comes with the experience of impermanence.

Growing Wisdom and Compassion in Everyday Life
Kristin Masters, CNVC Certified Trainer

How do we take what we learn in workshops and apply it to our real lives?

Join us for a heartfelt look at what it takes to create a sustainable daily practice of wisdom and compassion, based on NVC.

Co-Creating Vibrant, Conscious Communities and Organizations
Karl Steyaert, CNVC Certified Trainer

How do you create a culture that deeply nourishes your self, other members of your community, the wider family of humanity, and non-human life on planet Earth?

And how can you cultivate living spaces and work places that are good, true, and beautiful?

During this course, you and I will be answering these questions, as well as looking at and considering specific examples of vibrant organizations and communities. I'll also be sharing concrete steps you can take – from your own uniquely personal context.

Living in NVC Consciousness as a Couple
Linda Rysenbry, CNVC Certified Trainer

Why is it that some couples can't implement NVC after learning it?

And why is it that – even if the couple IS implementing NVC – they can't sustain this shift of consciousness in their relating?

Join me and discover how you and I – and indeed, all of us – can support couples in sustaining this powerful shift!

Stress-Busting with NVC: Easy as 1-2-3!
Shulamit Berlevtov, CNVC Certified Trainer

Stress… Some days it seems like it invades our lives from every avenue, doesn't it.

During this course you'll learn how stress affects your nervous system and what you can do about it.

You'll discover how using the tool of observation can help you manage the effects of stress. You'll also learn (and practice!) a three-step observing process.

How to Create Great Conditions for Living and Learning Together
Jared Finkelstein and Gregory Rouillard, CNVC Certified Trainers

Whether you're at an intergenerational community like those we facilitate at Family HEART Camp – or in homes, classrooms, congregations, or organizations, being in relationship with people of all different ages and backgrounds is as much about discovering how we're different as it is about seeing how much we value the same things.

Awareness of our differences in the service of shared values can transform dynamics that often lead to bitter conflict – well before it begins!

During this course we'll walk you through the process of facilitating an easy-to-implement practice for connecting and creating shared awareness in community around common values.

Free Yourself from Power-Over and Power Under Patterns!
Katherine Singer, CNVC Certified Trainer

You and I may be able to alter our social structure so that it is more egalitarian by law.

However, for our society to continue functioning equitably, the individuals who are the integral part of it need to be free of the painful experiences of hierarchical domination.

NVC can help you look into your own conditioning – either as a dominator or a dominated – and liberate yourself from it!

Getting Past Trauma: Using NVC Strategies to Become Alive Again
Simone Anliker, CNVC Certified Trainer

Developmental trauma – it can be why you sometimes don't have access to what you've learned in NVC.

During this course, you'll discover how to change old survival strategies that hinder your aliveness, your authenticity and your ability to both connect with others and deal with triggers.

The Zero Step
Jim and Jori Manske, CNVC Certified Trainers

What we do BEFORE we open our mouths influences what happens next.

During this course we'll be exploring intentions. Our intentions prepare the ground for self-empathy, honesty and empathy. You'll see how – from this place of self-understanding – intuition naturally guides us to words that convey warmth, care and mutuality.

Listen in as Jim and Jori powerfully demonstrate exactly what they're talking about!

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