Using Role Plays for Sharing NVC

Using Role Plays for Sharing NVC

Trainer(s): Miki Kashtan
Media Format: Audio
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 3
Production Date: 12/2016
Language: English

$15.00 USD


You've probably witnessed and participated in role plays that were powerful tools for inspiration, integration, or healing. You've likely also been in contexts where role plays fell flat, leaving people frustrated, confused, or disengaged.

If you're sharing NVC with others – or are envisioning yourself going there in the future – you'll want to take this class, where the focus is on how to increase the chances of having role plays that serve a clear purpose, engage an entire group, and support the deepest learning possible for all.

Here are some of the topics being covered:

  • Why do role plays, and when are they most helpful?
  • How can you assign roles to different people in a way that's aligned with the purpose of the role play?
  • What keeps an entire group engaged when only two people are participating in a role play?
  • What do you focus on when doing a role play, and how do you keep adapting to changing circumstances?
  • When do you choose to participate in the role play you set up? What can you do in a role play that others may or may not be able to?
  • How can role plays be tied to NVC principles in addition to NVC specific skills or practices?

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