NVC Infused Classrooms

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NVC Infused Classrooms

Trainer(s): Kathleen Macferran
Media Format: Audio Download
Duration: 5 hours 30 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 4
Production Date: 09/2008

$30.00 USD

A Telecourse Recording with CNVC Certified Trainer Kathleen Macferran from Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA

This telecourse recording is intended to support classroom teachers at the beginning of the school year in creating a community where all students know they matter, where learning is valued and where conflict is resolved peacefully. Integrating NVC into your own life and the culture of the classroom will be the focus of this course.

Create a learning community where:

  • Every person matters
  • Learning is connected to values
  • Empathy and honesty are the major modes of communication
  • Choices are based on values/needs
  • Individuals find power through requests to meet needs
  • Compassion is contagious
  • Celebration and gratitude replace praise and compliments
  • Difficult conversations with parents and staff turn into mutual cooperation
  • Conflict resolution skills are understood and used by all
  • Protective vs. punitive use of force is used if necessary

Benefits of MP3 recordings:

  • Listen to the learning material again and again
  • Recordings are an alternative to participating in a live course
  • Use recordings to prepare for a live workshop or telecourse
  • Conveniently listen in your car, while you're jogging or while relaxing at home
  • Recordings can supplement your learning and reinforce what you already know
  • Recordings make great learning tools for your practice group


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