A Leaderful Life: Integrating NVC into all Levels of Your Life

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A Leaderful Life: Integrating NVC into all Levels of Your Life

Trainer(s): Kathleen Macferran
Media Format: Audio Download
Duration: 13 Hours 20 Minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 10
Production Date: 2008

$60.00 USD


A Telecourse Recording with CNVC Certified Trainer Kathleen Macferran from Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA

This telecourse recording will:

  • Support you in integrating NVC into all areas of your life
  • Increase your understanding of NVC in a way that feels authentic
  • Encourage a natural sounding NVC language that can breathe life into conversations
  • Synthesize the ways you find meaning into a framework that works for you
  • Bring joy and grounding to your NVC practice
  • Explore how NVC fits into new learning in the areas of social change and relational science

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This telecourse recording is designed to:

Explore the larger framework of NVC as it manifests in consciousness, language, thought, communication and uses of power. The benefits of looking at NVC through these fundamental elements is a broader appreciation of the magnitude and subtleties of the NVC process, along with an understanding that will accelerate the integration of this work in your life. Listeners can expect a more natural, authentic flow in their thoughts and speech when integrating NVC into their daily lives.

Course Outline:

  • Consciousness/Intention - Truly the heart and core of NVC, explore how the consciousness of interdependence, compassion and partnership shapes our involvement in living systems (personal and social), creating choices supporting health of the whole planet. Book: Presence: An Exploration of Profound Change in People, Organizations, and Society by Peter Senge, C.Otto Scharmer, Joseph Jaworski, Betty Sue Flowers  
  • Language - As software for our thoughts, language plays an important role in shaping our intentions and expressing our deepest values to others. Explore language that’s congruent with your values and likely to connect with the values held by others. Book: Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership by Joseph Jaworski    
  • Thinking - Take a look at core beliefs we hold about the world, the key role thoughts play in our reactions and responses, and the outcomes of the assumptions and frameworks that create our paradigms. Consider shifts in thinking that may be more congruent with your intentions. Book: Leadership and the New Science by Margaret Wheatley   
  • Communication - Exploration of the ways our messages are sent without language. The role “choice” plays in our communication will be an emphasis as well as the ways consciousness is displayed beyond the words we use. Book: Social Intelligence by Daniel Goleman   
  • Use of Power/Strategies of Influence - This area is critical to realizing our visions. How do we influence others in alignment with our values? How can we inspire others to join us in creating a world that restores health and wholeness to the planet? Book: Theory U: Leading From the Future as It Emerges by C. Otto Scharmer

 Benefits of MP3 recordings:

  • Listen to the learning material again and again
  • Recordings are an alternative to participating in a live course
  • Use recordings to prepare for a live workshop or telecourse
  • Conveniently listen in your car, while you're jogging or while relaxing at home
  • Recordings can supplement your learning and reinforce what you already know
  • Recordings make great learning tools for your practice group

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