NVC and Money

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NVC and Money

Trainer(s): John Kinyon
Media Format: Audio Download
Duration: 2 hours
Sessions/Tracks: 2
Production Date: 2009

$12.00 USD

A Telecourse Recording with CNVC Certified Trainer John Kinyon from El Sobrante, California, USA

Money in our culture plays the important role of providing a way to facilitate the exchange of goods and services. Money tends to be used as a way of putting value on goods and services, which has led to concepts such as “worth”, “owe”, “charge”, “pay”, “fee.” These concepts lead us to relate to each other from a sense of obligation and objectification. Furthermore, money itself tends to be thought of as a need, and a source of security and happiness, instead of a way of meeting these and other needs. We can often do things solely “for the money” rather than in the service of meeting our needs and contributing to what truly has meaning and value to us.

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An alternative to this is to relate to money as a way of contributing to well being and needs being met, using money in the service of the enjoyment of giving and receiving. Fundamentally, it is the difference between relating from giving vs. getting, having, owning, controlling, etc.

Listen to this recorded telecourse and learn from John Kinyon’s 10 years of experience relating to money from an NVC perspective, both in terms of asking to receive money in business contexts, and giving money in relation to receiving goods and services. 

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