Transforming Inner Pain and Conflict: The "Chooser - Educator" Model of Self-Empathy

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Transforming Inner Pain and Conflict: The "Chooser - Educator" Model of Self-Empathy

Trainer(s): John Kinyon
Media Format: Audio Download
Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 1
Production Date: 07/2009

$12.00 USD

A Telecourse Recording with CNVC Certified Trainer John Kinyon from El Sobrante, California, USA

Self-empathy is a way to transform the inner suffering of anger, guilt, shame, depression and anxiety by working with the thinking in us that leads to such feelings. Self-empathy can also be approached from the perspective of resolving inner conflict; and that outer conflict with others is ultimately a reaction to inner conflict between parts of ourselves.

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In this telecourse recording, John Kinyon offers his approach to working with the “Chooser-Educator” model of self-empathy, originally developed by NVC founder Marshall Rosenberg. This process helps us connect more wholistically with our experience in a compassionate way by empathizing with both the part of us that chooses the actions we take and the part that evaluates and judges those actions. John demonstrates how to put inner conflict into a “three chair model”, developed with colleague Ike Lasater in their NVC Mediation training. This process includes role play and rotating roles to maximize experiential learning from multiple perspectives of experience and feedback. John demonstrates and offers real time, in-the-moment coaching throughout.   


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