An Introduction to Self-Compassion

An Introduction to Self-Compassion

Trainer(s): Robert Gonzales
Media Format: Audio Download
Duration: 11 hours 12 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 10
Production Date: 02/2011
Language: English

$50.00 USD

In this telecourse recording, world renowned CNVC Certified Trainer Robert Gonzales will help you discover a new level of self-acceptance that can lead to profound emotional healing and a deeper spiritual presence. The heart of self-compassion is coming to an inner knowing of how we can regard ourselves with complete and total allowing. By relaxing the part of us that feels that we so desperately need to improve ourselves, we create space for whatever our experience is. In the spaciousness of this allowing, healing can occur.

This course is designed to guide you to:
  • Discover self-compassion as a way to liberate the Life Force within
  • Cultivate compassionate presence
  • Access the fullness of life through the embodied energy of needs
  • Deepen self-acceptance
  • Gain a deeper understanding of healing and transformation
  • Robert Gonzales is one of the most sought-after CNVC Certified Trainers in the world. Through 24 years of teaching NVC throughout the world, and many years developing his own spiritual path, Robert shares powerful processes that will open your capacity for self-compassion.
A portion of each session includes Robert sharing information, and another portion is devoted to Robert working with individual participants.

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