Don't Be Nice, Be Real!

Don't Be Nice, Be Real!

Trainer(s): Kelly Bryson
Media Format: Audio Download
Duration: 6 hours 6 minutes
Sessions/Tracks: 5
Production Date: 12/2007
Language: English

$30.00 USD

In this dynamic 5-session telecourse recording, Kelly Bryson provides practical skills to balance passion for self with compassion for others. You will learn to apply Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to stop yourself from being intimidated, giving in or giving up, abandoning your own needs or resenting others for not being as "nice as you are."

Part 1 will briefly review the basic concepts of NVC and their application to empowering your relationships.

Parts 2 through 5 dive deeper and use humor, music and interactive exercises to tame the inner jackals that prevent you from joyfully expressing your needs.

Listen to this telecourse recording and learn practical skills to:
  • Transform resentment and jealousy
  • Live "Me first and Only" to keep your relationships alive
  • Transform your illusions of rejection, criticism, abandonment and controlling-ness
  • Perfect your "Selfullness"
  • Say "no" with self-power and compassion
  • Make "Freedom the Center" and "Love the Circumference" in all relationships
  • Speak your mind without creating hostility
  • Give "Emergency First Aid Empathy" when buttons get pushed
  • Quit taking responsibility for your partner's pain

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